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Dr. Joan F. Marques

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Sciences (Ph.D.)
Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership (Ed.D.)

There are still too few organizations that understand the need for people to feel “at home” while “at work”

This website is meant as a source of information and inspiration to those who are interested in the enhancement of their own spirituality, in order to sustain a more gratifying relationship with themselves and others.

Acceptance and Understanding are the drivers behind my mission in life, and therefore also behind this website.

As we move toward an increasingly interdependent world, we can no longer ignore the need for upgrading these skills within ourselves. If we don’t we will still remain a part of the past we came from, but we will miss out on the joy and the essence of the present, and we will surely become obsolete in the future…



Other Publications:

Available online at multiple addresses, such as Amazon, Palgrave McMillan, and others:


in the twenty first century
(Palgrave MacMillan, 2013).

Author: Joan Marques, Artwork: Nan Rae.

“The working world of the twenty-first century can be a daunting place. With the glacial pace of unemployment decline, people cling to the jobs they have, not taking full advantage of the benefits of job transition. Courage in the Twenty-First Century is centered around the art of moving forward both in professional and personal life. Author, Joan Marques offers a strategy for self-renewal to divulge the virtues and viewpoints to successfully move from one career to another. Using the seven step system of: choice, open-mindedness, usefulness, reality, attitude, genius, and education, Marques ushers readers through the process of transitioning from one career to another in a time of employment uncertainty”.

101 Pebbles

to Pave Your Way through the Day
(House of Metta/Lulu, 2012).

Author: Joan Marques, Artwork: Nan Rae.

A timely guide for corporate workers and busy business students, entailing 101 life lessons that they can all identify with and benefit from on their way to making the future workforce – and their life as a whole – a happier one.

Life is a Jewel

Haikus for Inner Growth
(House of Metta/Lulu, 2012).

Author: Joan Marques, Artwork: Nan Rae.

Life is a Jewel presents bite-size thoughts, pertaining to life, and presented in the form of haikus. These Haiku-framed thoughts – more than 100 – are geared toward elevating the spirit of those who… More > face the daily challenges of a career and family life. The haikus can be seen as reflections of ongoing issues in your life, or as statements that can give you instant peace of mind. Each haiku has been thoughtfully enriched with marvelous art from Nan Rae, one of the world’s foremost Chinese Brush Painting artists. While the text will speak to your left brain hemisphere, the elegant font and artistic illustrations will attract the right hemisphere, thus restoring a critical balance between these two brain parts

Teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior through Humor

Laughter as the Best Teacher
(Palgrave-MacMillan, 2012).

Editors: Joan Marques, Satinder Dhiman, and Jerry Biberman.

With the emergence of previous ‘soft skills’ such as empathy, emotional intelligence, compassion, and listening as important leadership qualities in the 21st century, there is an increased need to cultivate qualities that have long been suppressed. Humor is one of them. It is not just pleasant for interpersonal relations, but gets absorbed with more eagerness, and has a healthy effect. The 75 stories in Teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior through Humor deal with issues in a broad scope of settings, making this book not just useful in higher education, but also for coaches, trainers, and students in corporate workshops. Read, smile, laugh, contemplate, and get into action!

Also Available for Purchase:

Published between 2010 and 2012  |   Available through all online bookstores

The Workplace and Spirituality:

New Perspectives on Research and Practice
(Skylight Paths, 2009).

Editors: Dr. Joan Marques, Dr. Satinder Dhiman, and Dr. Richard King.

This book is a highly useful one for everyone who wants to make a positive difference at work and elsewhere, starting with the self.Click here to place your order and to read what leading management thinkers such as Marshall Goldsmith, Ian Mitroff, Patricia Aburdene, Jim Kouzes, and Alex Pattakos have to say about this book!

My Areas of Engagement:

• Program leadership and course facilitation at the University level, with an emphasis on Organizational Behavior, Moral Business Performance, and Awakened Leadership.

• Business Consulting with an emphasis on establishing and/or improving workplace performance through the creation of better interpersonal relationships.

• Writing on topics such as workplace spirituality, interpersonal relationships and inner connection.

• Planning and executing workshops and conferences pertaining to the above topics.

• Journal editing and coordination.

• Research.

Career Chronology:

• Radio Announcer (Suriname, 1977 -1979)

• Advertising Department Employee (Suriname, 1978 – 1979)

• Advertising Agency Founder/Manager (Suriname, 1979 – 1998)

• Radio & Television Show Host (Suriname, 1979 – 1998)

• Foundation Women for Women- Founder/Manager (Suriname, 1994 – 1998)

• Academic Adviser/ Event Coordinator (Burbank, 1999 – 2001)

• Business Faculty/Consultant/Author/Speaker (Burbank, 2001- )

• Asst. Dean, School of Business; Director & Chair, BBA Program (Burbank, 2011- )


• Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Social Sciences (2011)

• Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Organizational Leadership (2004)

• Master in Business Administration (MBA – 2000)

• HEAO (B.S. equiv.) Business Economics in Suriname (1988)

Honor Societies:

• Member of the “Delta Mu Delta” Honor Society (top 20{9c65b68d7d658f5cf40fe12dc16cc7558908cc1427fd6f36565b596796e5e291} of Business Students)

• Member of Phi Delta Kappa international honorary fraternity of educators (based on excellence in academic achievement)

• Honorary inductee “Alpha Sigma Lambda” Lambda Psi Chapter

Other Professional Awards:

• Commander in the Honorary Order of the Yellow Star for the Republic of Suriname (2015)

• The Nelle Becker-Slaton Pathfinder Award by the Association of Pan-African Doctoral Scholars (2015).

• Creative – Scholarly Annual Award, Woodbury University (2016)

• Ambassador Award, Woodbury University (2016)

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