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``My blessings are like the rain: sometimes I take them for granted, but they fertilize my life. They’re like the sun: sometimes I complain about them, but they warm my heart. I am grateful for my blessings.``

This is a small collection of scholarly and practitioner-based papers/articles I wrote/co-wrote in the past years.

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•  Spiritual Considerations for Managers:What Matters Most to Workforce Members in Challenging Times

•  Toward Greater Spirituality in Personal and Professional Life: The Movement Gains Momentum During These Challenging Times – with Satinder Dhiman, Richard King, and Tahmoures Afshar

•  Vipassana Meditation as a Path Toward improved Management Practices with Satinder Dhiman

Workplace diversity: developing a win-win-win strategy

Zigzag, and Outperform Linear Movers

Sisterhood in short supply in the workplace

Security and Progress: Two Very Personal Viewpoints

•  Nurturing the 21st Century Mindset: Honing Positive Transformation

Implementing Mission-Driven Assurance of Learning: Improving Performance Through Constructive Collaboration with Nathan Garrett

Fertilizing the Ground for a Metanoia: Business Education in the 21st Century

Meditation for Busy Business People with Satinder Dhiman and Richard King

•  Inventive Minds, Groundbreaking Finds

Inside-out Insight: Considerations for 21st Century Leaders

A Global SR Standard: Good, or Too Good to Be True?

Five principles that will determine the new mainstream

It’s time employees had more say in evaluating their supervisors

From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Shifting Gears from Selfish Gain to Shared Growth

Ecumenical Learning: Considering all Stakeholders

All that Matters: Some of the Most Precious Gifts We Overlook

Awakened leadership in action:a comparison of three exceptional business leaders

The Application of Interrater Reliability as a Solidification Instrument in a Phenomenological Study with Chester McCall

This is a collection of the papers/articles I wrote
during my MBA and doctoral studies, as well as in moments of inspiration.
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Articles 2001/2002:

Difficulties in the Implementation of FMLA by Human Resource Departments in Business Environments

Hate Speech on the Net

The Control System in the World of the Takers

; text-decoration: underline;”>The Advantages of Diversity in Educational Institutions

The Productivity Paradox

The effects of September 11, 2001 on the Caricom

The influence of technology and communication on leadership

Oligopoly is in!

Embryo Cloning and Management of Humanity

The importance of recognizing culture in marketing

The power of being different

Ethnocentrism in Today’s World

How Freedom can Lead to Imprisonment

How trustworthy is our religion?

How Change Causes Change

The phone’s ringing. Do I look good enough to pick up?

Men are Managers, Women are Leaders.

Our Love for Gadgets and the Vicious Cycle of Humanity.

How Spirituality in the Workplace can create Gray Haired Revolutionaries.

Oh yes…The Glass Ceiling, Huh…

The Power of Perception.

The Power of Perseverance.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Proud Of YOU.

Want the job to be done rapidly and efficiently?

Women and the Maintenance of the Glass Ceiling.

The Power of Understanding.


The Power of Appearance

About Love

Everything that’s too is too

How to perform gracefully in business

How we create glass ceilings for ourselves

Why the need for power is a sign of weakness

The Power of Anticipation


The Power of Attitude

The Power of Keeping an Open Mind

The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Listening

The Power of Recognition

The Power of Resilience

The Power of Being Simple

The Struggle with Indecisiveness

The Territorial Workplace

What makes a winner?

10 Good Reasons to Obtain and Maintain Your Self-Respect

Understanding Yourself…

Oh , Santa Subjectivity! We love you!

The Thin Line Between Strength and Weakness

The Definition of a Happy Marriage


The Eleven from Leader’s Heaven

Welcome to the Era of Need-Creation!

The Power of Serenity

The Power of Self-Control

The Power of Silence

Why do we keep on pushing?


Spirituality in the Workplace, uh-oh!

The Power of Clarification

About Sex-Appeal


The Boss Twenty

The Power of Adaptability

What’s up with your Psychological Contract?

Why we should all think global and act local

Keeping the teamspirit alive

And what is YOUR Competitive Advantage?

Make your workplace as spiritual as you are

Be the angel investor in yourself!

Make Your Day…And Everyone Else’s.

Fear: Life’s No. 1 Paralyzer!

Failure is just an opinion.

Making lemonade from the lemons at work.

Articles 2004:

10 Diamond Rules to Live By

10 Reasons Why You Should Nurture a Spiritual Mindset

10 Things to Remember

10 Ways to Develop a Great Business (or Any Other) Strategy.

5 Ways to Lose the Loser and Lead the Leader within You.

A Few Management thoughts.

About Human Resource Management and Successful Organizations

About Intellectual advancement and Emotional Degeneration.

About Modern Days’ Redemption

And then there was Emotional Abuse.

And Now About the People Factor

Be Your Own R E F U G E.

Beware of the Yoyo Effect

Buddha on Renewal

Desire, Hatred, and Illusion.

Establishing Change in Changing Times.

Globalization: A Sweet Word Gone Bitter?

Have You Ever Wondered…?.

Happiness: The Ultimate Egoism?

How essential is the Offshoring Panic Really?.

How to Remain Spiritual in Unspiritual Times.

How Values Affect Leadership.

Inspirations from Buddha.

Leaders: Born, Made, or Both?

Leadership Musings (1).

Leadership Musings (2).

Looking from the Outside In.

Love, the Mosaic of All Emotions

Management and the Personality Issue

Nimesh and His Two Worlds.

Now, About those Lemons.

Observing Yourself

Our educational level: Spiraling downward or just shifting?

Outsourcing: Threat or Opportunity?

Points to Ponder.

Reaching a Higher Plane.

Refrain from Disdain

Spiritual evolution

Spirituality in the Workplace: A Socialistic Sprinkle in a Capitalist Work Society?

Take Life seriously…but Don’t Exaggerate

The 10 Tokens of Wisdom.

The 3 Pillars for Good Managerial Decision-Making.

The Anti Hurry-Worry_Scurry Pill

The Art of Knowledge Sharing.

The Art of Learning and Unlearning.

The Best Way to Be.

The Crab Bucket Mentality.

The Dilemma of Being a Parent and a Friend.

The Encounter Between the Simple Soul and the Person of Good Standing.

The Misunderstood Genius.

The Power and Weakness of Empathy

The Power of Being (and Staying) Down to Earth

The Power of Hope.

The Spirituality at Work Paradox.

The Story of Sam and Sue.

The Wealthiest Moment

The Upside of Rejection

Those Sleepless Nights

What a leader Should Consider.

“Loneliness is the most terrible poverty”

-Mother Teresa-