Projects and Experiences

``Happiness is like air: it fills the spaces in our days, and is embedded in many simple things, but we take it for granted. We can reinvent it by paying attention.``

Projects in Suriname, South America:


• Over 20 years professional practice in media production. These activities included hosting of public and media events in Suriname, South America.

• Founded the advertising- and media production company “CoJo” in 1979. In this setting, I coordinated several campaigns for major companies in Suriname.

• Focus-change in 1993 from commercial shows to educational programs. The change resulted in increasing involvement in research projects for the production of over 100 documentaries and human interest interview programs with an educational emphasis.

• Founded the NGO “Women for Women” in 1996 (Non-Profit). This required active participation in fund-establishing, writing, producing and presenting television programs with the purpose of increasing awareness among Surinamese Women.

• Served as Master of Ceremonies at several important activities in Suriname and the region. Some are:

Miss Suriname Pageant 1982 and 1993
20 year Independence Celebration of Suriname
Admission of Suriname to the Caribbean Common Market (Caricom)
Visit from President Suharto (Indonesia) to Suriname
Events Suriname-Indian Ladies Association (SILA) 1995-1998

Projects in Burbank, CA.


At Present:


• Co-planning and co-executing Quality-of-Life enhancing workshops in the LA-area for the Business Renaissance Institute, of which I am a co-founder and Board Member

• Coordinating, Reviewing, and Editing the  Business Renaissance Quarterly a publication of  the Business Renaissance Institute to which I am a co-founder and Member of the Board of Directors.

• Coordinating, Reviewing, and Editing  Interbeing, a journal about personal and professional excelllence.

• Coordinating, Reviewing, and Editing the  Journal of Global Business Issues,  JGBI of which I am a co-founder, and Member of the Board of Directors.

• Facilitating Business and Management related courses at Woodbury University.

• Authoring and co-authoring books (see page on  Publications  for more info).

• Presenting a Weekly Radio Talk show through  MART radio  in The Netherlands, live from Burbank, CA, since 2002

• Writing a weekly newspaper column for De Ware Tijd (The True Times), one of Suriname’s largest newspapers.

Between 1998 and 2004:


• Coordinating and executing environmental awareness presentations in more than 30 elementary schools in West Los Angeles, in 2002 and 2003.

• Coordinating Region 7 ACBSP meeting (2000)

• Serving as the On-site Representative Lessons in Leadership (2000)

• Coordinating the Weekend Newsletter for Woodbury Business students (MBA and Undergraduates)- 1999-2001

• Coordinating the Dean’s Semesterly Newsletter for National and International Relatives of Woodbury University – 2000-2001

• Producing representation material at several Woodbury events.